Thursday, 30 May 2013

Tofu Cheese Toast Sandwich

I had used last night's left over vegetables to make this delicious Tofu cheese toast sandwich and the best part is that you can create your own fillings. So make your sandwich simple and healthy as well.

Ingredients :

4 slices of brown bread
1 fine chopped onion
1 green chilies
1 tsp cumin seeds
butter for greasing
2 cheese cubes
1 tbsp coriander leaves
1 tsp olive oil
salt to taste
And leftover vegetables (I had leftover Tofu curry so I used those)

Method :

Heat 1 tsp olive oil. Add cumin seeds, chopped onion and green chilies. Saute till brown. Add the leftover vegetables and mash it well so that the tofu pieces get crumbled well. Add coriander leaves and mix it till the mixture is dried. Keep aside.

Grease the toaster / grill lightly with the butter. Spread butter on each side of the bread. Place the mixture between the two bread slices and add the grated cheese. Cover the bread slice.Then grease the butter on top of the bread slice as well and grill it. Garnish with grated cheese and serve hot with sauce or mint chutney.

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